Municipality urges residents to use water sparingly

Municipality urges residents to use water sparingly

The Ditsobotla Municipality wishes to caution all residents to begin to use water sparingly as they will be embarking in different activities to welcome spring and summer seasons in their places. Residents are reminded that water is a very scarce resource in life, as thus we urged everyone to take responsibility and ensure that it is managed in an effective and sustainable manner. Everybody must take immediate measures to preserve and save water so that we do not face a future water crisis in this municipality. You are reminded to take action and report all water leaks in your area to your nearest municipality offices for immediate attention. We are mindful of the fact that water conservation begins with each one of us, and there needs to be a change in attitude and behaviour to use water more wisely in our daily activities. Now that water is fundamental to life and part of our human rights, let’s work together to conserve it.

Issued by Ditsobotla Municipality, Communications Unit

For inquiries please contact Mr Pius Batsile, Communications Manager

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