A brand spanking new look

Welcome to the new Ditsobotla website. If you have visted us before you will have already noticed the dramatic new look. The site has a cleaner and perhaps less cluttered feel;  has been designed to be faster and even easier to use than the old site. 

Among the changes that you can take advantage of immediately is a new commenting feature on various content items - we welcome your comments and feedback, as they give us an opportunity to respond via the site and/or in the way in which our Municipality delivers on its mandate.

Library Open For Business!

The noise, the dust and constant din of construction has finally ended at The Ditsobotla Local Municpality Library in Lichtenburg.

Renovations are almost completed, and patrons are back using the facilities. Even though there hasn't been a formal relaunch yet, patrons - who's numbers have been significantly increased by many first timers - are eager to sample the new ambience, the old familiar book smells as well as newer services such as the internet acces. We are looking forward to seeing there.


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